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Attention Kmart Shoppers: I Just Shipped My Pants!

By now you’ve probably seen the controversial Kmart commercial showcasing their shipping services. The company injected humorous wordplay into the ad whereby actors performing as Kmart shoppers say they shipped items in such a manner that it actually sounds like they did the unthinkable:
Standing in the store, a customer says, “I just shipped my pants!”
Another claims, “I just shipped my drawers.”
“I just shipped my nightie.”
And my favorite, “I just shipped my bed!”

The commercial went viral, getting 17 million hits on Youtube, which is every marketing team’s dream. But it also got bombarded with a lot of criticism due to its crass nature. Watch the “Shipped My Pants” commercial on Youtube and decide for yourself.

Really? I can ship my pants, right here, right now?

Really? I can ship my pants, right here, right now?

I’m not a Kmart shopper and have never noticed their marketing besides past obvious catchy slogans like “blue light special,” but the shipping commercial is one where I’ll stop, watch, laugh and remember and talk about it to others instead of fast forwarding through it on my DVR. It doesn’t make me want to shop there any more than I did before, but it has everyone talking about it, which is half the battle. And a good laugh never hurt anybody.

Kmart followed up the shipping campaign with a similar one: Big Gas Savings. Say that phrase fast over and over and it sounds like something else:
A woman in the ad says, “Sounds like you could use some big gas savings”
“Thirty cents a gallon, that’s a big gas discount,” says another.
A kid proclaims, “Dad, look at that big gas truck!”

Watch the big gas video here.

Kmart says, “Creativity is important in Kmart’s advertising to engage our members and share new information on promotions and initiatives. We believe that humor is a natural part of the strategy.”

What do you think – brilliant advertising or clean up on aisle 9 with marketing gone awry? What are some ways that community managers can include creativity and humor in apartment marketing? Can you think of any apartment advertising that was so funny you had to share or that it was so bold it crossed the line? Let us know in our comments section below.


Fried Chicken Relieves Anxiety

vintage kfc woman eat chix

Recently we saw food researcher and writer Michael Pollan speak in support of his new book Cooked. A smart man with great insight into how our food system works, Pollan knows about marketing, having written and published four books. One of the things he said that stood out: “Marketing is relieving anxiety.” The example he used was the anxiety created when in the 1960s women left the home and joined the workforce, yet they were still expected to deal with the kids, house cleaning and cooking. The marketers behind Kentucky Fried Chicken recognized the anxiety and tension this created within families and jumped in with their advertising to convey, “Hey, we’ll take care of that for you, don’t waste your precious time in the kitchen, let us cook you a family size bucket of fried chicken instead.” Watch this vintage KFC commercial where the fast food chain tries to relieve a family’s anxiety over who’s going to make dinner.

Here’s another video with the same theme — a scattered mom with a lot to do picks up a bucket of chicken to the catchy jingle of “Why Cook?”

I’m a sucker for vintage videos, and I can get caught up on youtube for far too long. If you’re the same, check out these other old school videos below and let us know what you think — are these examples of good promotion or marketing gone awry?

mc hammer

Uh oh, it’s Hammer time! How many of you lived through the late 80s doing the MC Hammer dance with those funky flowing pants? Here MC Hammer is featured in a KFC commercial, but they didn’t take enough advantage of his wacky dance moves. After all, BET ranked him the #7 best dancer in the world. You can’t touch this!

After watching many KFC commercials, I can say that most of them included singing and dancing as if they were musicals, which was probably a sign of the times, such as this one from the 1970s. Do you remember this catchy jingle?

Oh, bless his heart, Colonel Sanders botched this commercial voiceover again and again — I’d say this might fall into the category of marketing gone really awry.

wheres the beef

To end our commentary on commercials, the fast food chain that beat them all with the best marketing is the Wendy’s commercial, “Where’s the Beef?” I know you remember this one!

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