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Fa La La La La Apartment Romance

How many of us in the apartment industry have been victims of Romance Copy? Either we’ve slung it out there to seduce residents to rent with us or we’ve been the ones who have fallen for it. I know I can’t resist the word cottage when I’m looking for a place to live, and I conjure up all kinds of cute things in my mind, a cozy farmhouse near a lake, for example, but then I get to the site and realize their use of the word cottage really means a plain, tiny space. Creative, seductive words lure residents to imagine their lives nestled amongst the trees adjacent to a babbling brook. However, apartment marketing such as this doesn’t set us up for success, but only increases a resident’s disappointment when she arrives to find her high expectations of lounging by a sparkling pool replaced with the reality of a pool filled with murky water and debris.

On the other hand, if your apartment community really is fit for a Queen and residents will be tempted by secret closet space and find their paradise at their new place, then go ahead and spruce up your copy with flowery words. The article “Romance 101: How to Use Feminine Words That Sell” has tips to help you with resident temptation.

In the world of good apartment marketing, we use not only words, but also amenity photos to paint a picture of a place to call home. As the article “Real Estate Agents And The Art Of Seductive Home Staging” demonstrates, we get caught up in sexy imagery such as placing candles and wine near the bathtub or a big colorful bowl of fresh juicy fruit when in reality the residents who will dwell there snack on bologna sandwiches and Doritos.

wine bath

Another way we use staging to lure residents is by placing certain coveted objects in our photos. According to Curbed, the trend now is the strategically placed guitar. As a music lover, I would totally fall for that, especially if it were a banjo.


What strategically placed items in photos would you fall for or have you used as marketing strategy in your apartment community pictures? If you know of any other language or imagery tricks to trick residents, let Beyond Wine & Cheese Marketing know in our comments section here or on our facebook page.


Give Me A Break!

I think it’s about time to give apartment managers a break.  All previous posts on No More HomeMade Flyers have light-heartedly poked fun at the marketing strategies implemented by apartment managers that have gone awry, but today we are going to take a moment to try and understand why these marketing efforts have fallen short.

In everyday life we spend most of our time trying to find balance.  As a college student, this often means finding balance between drinking beer and hitting the books.  Eventually trying to find balance becomes a more serious matter, as illustrated by Sara Scarborough Graham in a “sneak preview” blog post for her e-book Baby Steps.  She includes anecdotes from real women who juggle careers, spouses, children, housekeeping, bills, etc.  The list goes on and on – and sometimes it makes you wonder, if there was a job description that included everything you do on a daily business (even the nitty-gritty, like changing diapers or helping your husband shave his hairy back), would you apply for the job?

This is where apartment managers come in.  They’re regular people, just like you and me, but you have to wonder if their employers aren’t expecting them to balance just a little too much from day to day:

leasing consultant and groundskeeper

Ok, let’s just stop and break this down for a minute.  This community wants to hire ONE person to be both a Leasing Consultant AND a Groundskeeper.  I really do wish them the best of luck in finding a miracle worker to fill this position, but don’t they think it’s going to be hard to find someone qualified to do both jobs successfully??  I mean, maybe I have experience with apartment leasing and qualifying prospects, but there is a pretty good chance that all those flower beds they want me to maintain, yeah, they’re gonna die.  And on top of all that, applicants must successfully complete a drug screen and background check.  Can an employer get any more unreasonable with their expectations?

physical requirements

Amazingly this is only a snippet of what was included on the job description…  If that doesn’t intimidate you, I don’t know what will.  Of course, my favorite part of this description didn’t even fit in the screen shot above:

“The work is described at light in physical demand.  Requirements include the ability to frequently sit, stand, walk, extend arms and hands forward and overhead, finger and grasp.  Must be able to occasionally bend, crouch or stoop.”

And I won’t even harp on the fact that this sentence obviously was not proof-read.  It does leave me a little curious, though, as to what I would have to “finger” and “grasp” that is so important they included these physical requirements in the description.

The moral of this post, folks, is that (although we can get a few laughs out of the marketing blunders we feature on this blog) we really can’t expect that apartment managers be marketing experts in addition to all the other qualifications listed in their job descriptions.  If they could, a lot of apartment marketing specialists would be out of a job.

Are you juggling an odd array of tasks as an apartment manager?  Do your employers expect you to be not just a jack, but a master of all trades?  Share your experience with us at

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