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Do Sparkling Pools Make High Quality Content?


This week the Apartment Internet Marketing (AIM) conference takes place in Huntington Beach, California, not a bad place to go to learn new ideas. We love the overall theme of the event: The Art of Creativity. How many of you are attending? What do you hope to learn? Let us live vicariously through you and tell us about your experiences when you get a chance.

We are big advocates of the ideas and presentation topics at the conference such as writing quality content. In our last blog, we talked about people who use “romance copy” to trick or seduce residents, so to continue that conversation, let’s talk about the other side of that – providing honest, quality content.

Keith Brown/RealPage, the official social media sponsor of the AIM conference, talks about using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) content so that what you post online is picked up by Google searches. Of all the vast information out there in the Internet universe, Google focuses on providing the highest quality search results, which gives those people with the best content more visibility. So the lesson is: the better content you provide, the more people will see it and perhaps act on it. In the apartment industry, this means catching the attention of potential residents and keeping the attention of existing ones by offering them quality content that showcases your community and activities.

Brown has 3 SEO rules below for providing great content, which we’ve merged with our own and other ideas:

Rule 1: Well-Written Text – This means not only providing grammatically correct text without typos, but also connecting emotionally with your residents. Have a unique voice and be accessible, allowing for human connection. Tell your audience what kind of value you can provide to their lives and how you can fulfill their rental needs. Describe your apartment complex in such a way that makes potential residents feel like it’s a place they want to be, avoiding using clichés or over-used adjectives such as “sparkling” pool. For example, the below picture of the pool is not sparkling as advertised, and the photo isn’t a great one to try and sell it as such.

bwac sparkling pool

Rule 2: Beautiful High Resolution Photography – Words alone can’t accurately describe a place, but the addition of great images will attract attention and residents. Words tell, images show. You need to show and tell if you want people to be talking about and sharing your content with others. A resident can better picture herself living in your apartment community if the photos are eye catching and clear with great composition, and it’s these images that will move her to come see the space in person. As Brown states, “data shows that listings with high-quality photos are contacted eight times more often than listings without them.”

Rule 3: Engaging and Professional Videos – We have all seen those videos that are less than stellar. The camera is wobbly and all over the place, making it hard to watch, or the audio is too low or scratchy, making it hard to listen, and some are just downright boring. Not all of us can create a fantastic video that goes viral, but we can implement simple things to make our videos engaging: steady camera work, good sound, and interesting and useful information. A good example of a great video with all of these components is “Getting to Know Ava,” which is one of 33 entries from apartment professionals who submitted videos for judging in the AIM Conference’s “best community marketing video” contest.

Watch all of the videos here and let us know which ones are your favorites.

Do you have any of your own apartment marketing videos to share? We’d love to see them.

A reminder to close with – if you are having trouble providing content with well-written text and eye-catching images, don’t forget to check out Beyond Wine & Cheese’s vast online library of marketing ideas already completed for your use. We’re here to help, so let’s talk and work together on attracting and keeping residents.


Fa La La La La Apartment Romance

How many of us in the apartment industry have been victims of Romance Copy? Either we’ve slung it out there to seduce residents to rent with us or we’ve been the ones who have fallen for it. I know I can’t resist the word cottage when I’m looking for a place to live, and I conjure up all kinds of cute things in my mind, a cozy farmhouse near a lake, for example, but then I get to the site and realize their use of the word cottage really means a plain, tiny space. Creative, seductive words lure residents to imagine their lives nestled amongst the trees adjacent to a babbling brook. However, apartment marketing such as this doesn’t set us up for success, but only increases a resident’s disappointment when she arrives to find her high expectations of lounging by a sparkling pool replaced with the reality of a pool filled with murky water and debris.

On the other hand, if your apartment community really is fit for a Queen and residents will be tempted by secret closet space and find their paradise at their new place, then go ahead and spruce up your copy with flowery words. The article “Romance 101: How to Use Feminine Words That Sell” has tips to help you with resident temptation.

In the world of good apartment marketing, we use not only words, but also amenity photos to paint a picture of a place to call home. As the article “Real Estate Agents And The Art Of Seductive Home Staging” demonstrates, we get caught up in sexy imagery such as placing candles and wine near the bathtub or a big colorful bowl of fresh juicy fruit when in reality the residents who will dwell there snack on bologna sandwiches and Doritos.

wine bath

Another way we use staging to lure residents is by placing certain coveted objects in our photos. According to Curbed, the trend now is the strategically placed guitar. As a music lover, I would totally fall for that, especially if it were a banjo.


What strategically placed items in photos would you fall for or have you used as marketing strategy in your apartment community pictures? If you know of any other language or imagery tricks to trick residents, let Beyond Wine & Cheese Marketing know in our comments section here or on our facebook page.

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