What Attracted You And Kept You There?

Do you remember your first apartment? As a young student, I was super excited about my first apartment in Athens, Georgia, while attending the University of Georgia. Sure, anything was an upgrade from my existing living situation at Creswell dorms where we survived 90-degree weather without air conditioning and the boys a floor above us peeing on the tin roof outside our window. But more than that, I loved my first apartment for appealing to the student in me, who I was at the time. Are you appealing to the variety of your residents, young students and seniors and families alike?

Do Your Residents Live, Laugh, Love?

Do Your Residents Live, Laugh, Love?

As with most students, money was tight, so I shared my first college home with four other girls at Riverbend Apartments. You know, the kind of situation where you’re fighting over the bathroom, who is being too loud at night, and who ate each other’s leftovers in the fridge. Even with sharing rent with so many others, I held two jobs, sold textbooks for drinking money and ate ramen noodles daily. Thus, what I appreciated about Riverbend Apartments were the rental discounts they offered on occasion, as well as the amenities and location that allowed for a quick getaway from squabbling roommates.

First, location was key. The apartments were close to campus so that I could walk to classes daily, which really helped me make that early morning 7:55am class on time after a night of partying. Speaking of which, the apartments were stumbling distance to bars and music venues, so no drinking and driving here. And going to enjoy music in such a music town like Athens, Georgia was a requirement for a proper college education that is still serving me well as an adult now who’s active in the live music Seattle scene. The apartments were also adjacent to all kinds of restaurants, which saved me from eating cheap boxes of mac & cheese every night and made it easier for the food delivery guys during our late-night study sessions.

In the hot Georgia summers, having an apartment pool was one of life’s best pleasures. Back then, ignorant of the sins of sunshine, we’d oil up and lay out all day long on the weekends. But these days, having an amenity like a pool is great for everyone. It’s a nice way to cool off, get exercise and relax, for singles and seniors and families alike.

Although the apartments didn’t have a workout room, they did us one even better – it was located walking distance to a real bona fide gym with discount/free memberships for residents, so I got my aerobics groove on daily.

So thank you, Riverbend Apartments, for providing me with a great first home where I could live, laugh and love my way through college.

What kind of incentives are you offering for students, seniors, families, and singles? Are you appealing to all of your residents offering something for everyone? Let us know what you’re doing by sending us an email to blog@beyondwineandcheese.com.


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