If Maintenance Affects Retention, How do You Package It?

On my way to lunch today, my eyes gravitated towards a magnificent figure. This man was tanned, with glowing skin, sculpted biceps, rippling abs…. but, much to my dismay, also two dimensional and stuck to the side of a car.

Man Car

Oh, hey there, Handsome!

While Handsome and I won’t have a future together anytime soon, he did highlight a unique (and shirtless) ploy to promote Basic Home Maintenance. But honestly, who looks like that?

From personal experience I can confirm that average maintenance technicians almost never resemble tool belt models that just strolled off the runway and into my apartment. If they did, I would “accidentally” drop things down the drain at least three times a week. But that’s all beside the point. Let’s save misguided residents from potential heartache and devastation when Mr. Fixit looks a less like runway material and more like this:

Mr. Fixit

Hey, Goodlookin'. What’s crackin'?

Apartment maintenance teams deserve a round of applause for technical skills, customer service and responsiveness to work orders. So, if we know professional services can attract, retain, and renew apartment residents when presented to customers through a strategic marketing angle how are you promoting maintenance-free living? Beyond Wine & Cheese Marketing develops innovative, fun, and fully-clothed themes to help multifamily apartment communities highlight the best assets of their maintenance teams.


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