Typos Make Life More Creative, In Joy.

I admit it. I’m a girl that can’t read a restaurant menu without stumbling over typos.  My problem dates back to college when Journalism 101 instilled radar in my brain for misplaced letters. It’s not always a gift. More often than not I can be totally immersed in a new book when a typo jumps out at me and breaks the spell of a good storyline. Who was the copy editor and can he refund the $24.00 I just shelled out for the hardback copy?

Imagine what it must be like for people searching for a soul mate on Internet dating websites. I shudder to think of the thousands of typos, misspelled words and grammatical errors sprinkled throughout online personal profiles. There are certain times, like when looking for a spouse, that Spell Check is essential or the results can be a deal breaker.

Just Marryed

We can only hope it was the best man who decorated the car, and not the groom.

Internet profiles, Craigslist ads … there is a perception that words written online are less important because we move along quickly to the next thing. It’s okay to spell things incorrectly because it’s not permanent, right? “It’s only temporary,” you may say to yourself, forgetting that written words on the internet can live forever.

Then or Than, who cares?

One of my favorite forms of entertainment is to watch for typos in Facebook status posts. Within mere seconds your clever wit can be reduced to an embarrassing faux pas. It’s almost as if friends are poised, keyboards at the ready, to catch you in a moment of grammatical weakness so they can unleash their wrath.

There, Their and They're

There, Their and They're -- why do we need three ways to say the same thing?

Beyond Wine & Cheese Marketing can’t help you spell everything correctly in Facebook status updates, but our software features Spell Check to make sure multifamily brochures, newsletters, Craigslist ads and apartment marketing collateral are always typo free. Be careful out there.


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