Part 1: Apartment Marketing Girl vs. the Smartphone Unfriendly Apartment Community Website

You know those people who drive slowly through neighborhoods trying to peek in windows to see what the inside of a house looks like (no, not Peeping Toms).

Or the ones who tramp through new neighborhood construction to get a feel for the layout of a house that’s being built?

For some reason a piggyback ride through construction just doesn’t seem safe.  Hopefully they are not on the second floor…

Yeah, that was totally my family.  Maybe that’s what has influenced my strange need to look up websites for apartment buildings every time I see one that looks nice from the outside, despite the fact that I have no plans to move anytime soon.  Or maybe it’s just because I write this blog…

Either way, I recently came across a really nice looking apartment building in Seattle near some great retailers, and I immediately had to look it up.  Because I have a terrible memory, I usually forget the name of apartment buildings I want to look up by the time I get home, or just forget in general  that there was even a building I wanted to research, so this time I decided to just search for it on the spot (yay smartphones!).

Low and behold, the website for this particular apartment community wouldn’t load on my BlackBerry.  Strike one.

In today’s tech-savvy world, I can’t stress how important it is to make your website smartphone-friendly!   These days it really shocks me when a popular website, or website of a popular business, isn’t altered for smartphones.  Now, I realize that it isn’t as easy, or maybe isn’t financially feasible, for less-visited websites to make a special website for smartphones, but even if you can’t make a separate smartphone version of your website, at least take off some of the flash so it can load on a person’s phone!

For all you know, a loaded website could have resulted in a lease (hey – they didn’t know my current lease isn’t up yet).

Luckily (or maybe not), I was still interested in getting some information on this apartment community, so I went back to the search results and the next related link was for the building’s reviews on  Dun dun dun!

Tune in next week to find out what happens in the adventures of Apartment Marketing Girl!

Is your website a villain to smartphones?  Shine the AMG signal and share with us at!


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