Classy Is To Dirty, As Elegant Is To… Peeling Paint?

Growing up, I had an Adidas jacket that I never wanted to take off.  And living in the Seattle area, there weren’t many months in the year that I couldn’t wear this heavy coat.  Unfortunately, when I was in fourth grade our class pet, a hamster who will remain nameless, got hungry while I was holding him and took a bite out of the sleeve of my jacket.

Considering the size of a hamster’s mouth, the hole wasn’t initially very big, but being a fidgety fourth grader who couldn’t just leave the hole alone, it quickly grew.  The hole didn’t bother me, but eventually my mother couldn’t handle me looking like a little ragamuffin girl anymore and made me get a new coat.  Traumatizing, right?  (Although these days I don’t think I would complain if someone wanted to buy me new clothes.)

As a child, it’s understandable that I didn’t care – but of course my mom didn’t want people thinking I wasn’t being taken care of properly.  However, nowadays I care a little bit more about what people think of me.  For my job I usually speak to people over the phone before I meet them in person, and I (like to think that I) present myself verbally in a very professional manner, so of course when I eventually meet people I want my appearance to match the impression I’ve given.

It’s all about not sending mixed messages – walking the talk.  And that lesson should apply to all aspects of life, no?  Well, then I’ll let you make this connection all on your own:

Why, yes, the words “classy” and “elegant” always come to mind when I see dirt and peeling paint!

My only hope in this case is that the words speak louder than the appearance of this sign.  And that the apartment building doesn’t match.

Does your apartment marketing need a bath?  Beyond Wine & Cheese Marketing has the soap.  Share with us at!


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