Dear Marketing D-Bags:

I’m not the type who does well making decisions, particularly when I have too many options.  For example, when I was buying a car, I knew off the bat that I liked Civics, but then my mom suggested I lease a car so I looked at the CR-V.  Then a close family friend suggested I go to a local VW dealer, and I started to look at the Tiguan.  Then I realized I would rather just buy up front instead of lease, so I started looking at used cars that the dealers had in stock, and just as I was starting to feel guilty for not buying American and was on the verge of having a nervy-b from looking at too many cars, I gave up and got a Civic.

Now, this ended up working out because what I really wanted was a Civic, and I just let too many other suggestions cloud my judgment during the buying process.  (I can only imagine what’s going to happen one day if I get married and am planning my wedding.)  But let’s say you’re looking for an apartment in a new city and aren’t set on a particular building because, well, you don’t live there and don’t know the city.  So when you hop on Craigslist and start browsing through postings, you really do want a wide array of options.

Speaking from personal experience, it’s when you don’t have enough choices that browsing Craigslist can get quite annoying.  Has anyone else experienced something like this?





There are more, but I think you get the idea…and I’m already bored with this.

Now, I should give the poster a little credit (they didn’t cut and paste, but changed up the “infoprmation” – see September 20 – a little every time), but really cutting and pasting would have been the smart thing to do to save some of their time.  It’s not like the message changed so drastically that the most recent posting on September 27 suddenly compelled me to go rent the apartment.  Where are the pictures??  Where are the amenity lists??  And those aren’t the only questions raised:

  1. Is it the same unit they keep advertising?
  2. If it’s not the same unit, why are there so many units available in this building?
  3. Why does this person consider Craigslist to be a server for him/her to pump as full of spam as a pantry from a 1960’a nuclear bomb shelter?
  4. Who made the decision that re-posting ads every other day was somehow a benefit to their renters?
  5. How much money is the company wasting paying interns to re-post these ads ever other day just so annoyed Craigslist searchers can take time out of their day to flag them for removal, when those ads would stay up for seven days if you just left them alone?
  6. What would it take to make this person go away so I can look for a new house without having to wade through all of your worthless ads???

Sorry, got a little sidetracked there…

Maybe instead of posting this Craigslist ad AGAIN tomorrow, the culprit can take the afternoon and read through all of my previous blog posts (or just go ahead and call Beyond Wine and Cheese) for some tips and inspiration.  The apartment marketing message may remain the same, but it is always presented in a unique package!

Are your Craigslist postings starting to sound like a broken record…broken record…broken record…broken record…broken record?  Share with us at!

PS:  Thanks for inspiring this blog post, Kevin!


2 Responses to “Dear Marketing D-Bags:”

  1. 1 David Martin October 26, 2010 at 3:09 pm

    I hate Craigslist. Half of the ads are scam and the other half are generally what you have posted above. Unfortunately, our world has forced us to find our new apartment, or home for rent on this beautiful website that hasn’t changed since the day it was invented.

    The good news is that a lot of property management software companies have created software that makes their ads transferable to Craigslist, and the listings actually look professional.

    I really think that these will start to take hold and make the Craigslist experience that much better.

    Great blog! I love the cynicism!

  2. 2 2 The Dump March 28, 2011 at 4:12 pm

    I enjoyed reading your article but I had to make a short comment about why the ad was not cut and pasted. Craig’s List does not allow you to use the same ad over and over again. You get one shot and that’s it. Two ads can not be the same or you will not be allowed to post. That is why this individual made slight changes in each ad. I do agree howver, they could have at least uploaded some photos but then again, when you are only renting an apartment for that rate, you probably don’t even own a digital camera. Thanks for the great reading material!

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