Painfully Polite Notes on Apartment Marketing

I didn’t even notice the bright yellow post-it-note on my windshield until I had already climbed behind the wheel and settled into the driver’s seat. Maybe one of my friend’s recognized my car in the Target parking lot and left me a note, or better yet, an invitation to join them next door for happy hour. Upon further investigation though, I found myself victim to a Passive Aggressive Note Attack. “Who taught you to park?”, the note said. A quick glance down revealed my tires slightly crossed the solid white line that neatly divides each space. The euphoric high I was feeling from a shopping spree at my favorite store quickly sobered and my good mood deflated.

Get your act together. Exercise some consideration when you leave your large hunk of metal in a public place.

If you didn’t already know, there is a popular website devoted to  passive aggressive notes. Cruise around the site and you’ll find a great collection of funny stories and a small disclaimer that says notes posted here “share a common sense of frustration that’s been channeled into written form rather than a direct confrontation. It’s barbed criticism disguised as something else — helpful advice, a funny joke, simple forgetfulness.” Now, imagine what would happen if our current residents and potential prospects began to leave us notes about our apartment marketing. What would they say?


  • Now Leasing. “Seriously. Did you ever stop leasing?”
  • Materials that are copies of copies of copies. “Cough up a couple quarters and pay for a color print.”
  • Pictures of the community sign in advertising. “Is this sign really the best thing you’ve got going for your community?”
  • Photos of empty swimming pools. “Is there something floating in the water?”
  • Thanks for Popping In tag on a bag of microwave popcorn. “We can see that big, bulk-size box of popcorn every time we shop at Costco.”
  • Hop on Over. “Did you mean to send this cartoon drawing of a frog to me or my five-year-old kid?”
  • We Love Our Residents. “No you don’t.”
  • Multiple signs with flags. “C’mon kids, everybody out of the car. It’s a theme park!
  • Balloons. “What time does the clown arrive?”
  • Ignoring rants on “If you close your eyes, they will go away.”
  • Fliers on pizza boxes. “The 90’s called and they want their idea back.”
  • If You Lived Here, You’d be Home by Now. “If I lived here, I would be dodging traffic in the median.”
  • Microsoft Publisher. “I’ve seen that flier somewhere … the church bulletin board. No, it was a PTA meeting. And, the corner deli. Wait a minute, I have seen that flier everywhere!
  • Otis Spunkmeyer cookies. “Otis is better than 6-degrees from Kevin Bacon. Everybody knows him.”

After a list like that it’s time to give a shout out to The Apartment Expert – Lisa Trosien for opening a similar conversation on her Facebook Fan Page. Have you received a passive aggressive note about your apartment community? If so, share it with us.


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