Baby It’s Cold… Inside?

I suddenly find myself again facing that awful task of searching for a new apartment.  And this time, I’m looking for something special.  Last year my concern was finding something affordable, close to school, and on central bus lines; however, I now have real job and a car, so my priorities have changed.  I don’t want to end up in some cookie-cutter apartment with no character.  When friends visit, I want their jaws to drop with jealousy because they couldn’t find an apartment nearly as unique as mine.  But at the same time, the rent does need to be reasonable (sadly my starting salary is not $100,000 a year).

So where am I going to find this amazing apartment?  Why, craigslist of course!  I mean, these days, what can’t you find on craigslist?  And luckily for me the apartment selection on craigslist is expanding.  Say I was looking for a cozy studio apartment that made me feel at one with nature:

Say whaaat?

This can’t be for real…

Yeeeeaaah!  Welcome home!

Cost: $200/month (Affordable: check.)

Neighborhood Security: Campus Police (Safe Area: check!)

Water: Must be melted by occupant (Utilities Included: check!!!)

The only downside here is that the landlord won’t be held responsible for loss of walls/roof/entire structure of the building.  But then, it’s not like I’ll be signing a 12 month lease, so bring it on!

Is your apartment community providing unique, if not long lasting, qualities?  Share with us at!


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