These Boots Were Made For Walkin’ (In A Different Neighborhood)

I have spent the last four years of my life walking.  Well, walking and riding the bus (public transportation baby!).  That’s what happens when you spend all your money (and your parent’s money) on tuition instead of buying a car.  So it was like a small miracle when I finally graduated, got a job, and was able to buy a car.  Now I drive everywhere: to the gym, to visit friends, to Safeway a block away from my apartment.  Maybe my carbon footprint has grown a size or two, but hey, I’m living the American dream.

But regardless of whether I have a car or not, walkability is still important – especially when you live in a big city.  When looking at apartments, renters want to know how easily they can get their errands done on foot.  Hence, the Walk Score was created.  Not sure what Walk Score is?  The website describes it as “the walkability of an address based on the distance from your house to nearby amenities…not how pretty the area is for walking.”  Well, I’m glad they cleared that one up for me…

So to increase the attractiveness of an apartment community to would-be renters, managers are starting to post the Walk Scores for their communities in Craigslist ads.  But do they really tell you the whole story?  Let’s find out…

First we have this beautiful studio apartment:

Nice!  I don’t even have anything sarcastic to say about this!  And the walk score?

Well, well, look who’s bragging.  I feel like we’re talking about a dog now instead of an apartment.  “Oh yes, my little Fifi here is VERY walkable.  I doubt your mutt Fido has her walking abilities.”  Snobs.  I bet Fifi is a poodle.  But I digress.  There must be a catch here somewhere…

The price?  No.  The size?  No, keep reading to the right.  The Central District?  Yeeeeeah.  That would be the one.  If you live in Seattle, you understand this might not be the area you WANT to be walking around in.  So when you leave your “Very Walkable” apartment to go to the grocery store or park, you might want to pack your brass knuckles, some mace, and a blow horn.  This just reinforces the point that the Walk Score doesn’t take into account how pretty the area is for walking…or how safe.  Before you sign a lease based on an apartment community’s Walk Score, walk the area for yourself!

This message had been brought to you by the voice of my mother that lives in my head.  I never feel safe walking anywhere alone; therefore, neither should you.

Is your apartment’s Walk Score leaving out a few important factors?  Let us know at!


2 Responses to “These Boots Were Made For Walkin’ (In A Different Neighborhood)”

  1. 1 Shauna April 2, 2010 at 9:05 am

    What a GREAT website! 🙂 I plan to share it with some of my sister properties that are less hidden in the woods than my property… 🙂 Thanks!

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