My Nomadic A** Ain’t Stoppin’ Up In Here

Young people have a history of being misunderstood.  Why that is, though, is anyone’s guess:

I call it, “Disgruntled Youth”.

We go from living with our parents who insist on us keeping our rooms clean, to dorms where the opposite sex is not even allowed in our rooms, to apartment buildings that won’t let us hold raging parties past 10pm.

But fear not, there is someone out there who understands us, and is making an effort to communicate in a way that does not include yelling our full names when we’ve done something wrong.  Better yet, he wants to be your roommate…


You bet your nomadic ass it is.”

Wow.  I already feel like this could be a very special place to live.  I definitely want to read more!

“ZOMG THE LOCATION IS THE S**T. You can WALK to Washington Avenue from here. So you can get your drink on and do some mackin playa. 10 mins from UH and Rice cause we all about higher education up in here.”

Um, well, I’m not completely sure what the “Z” stands for in “ZOMG”.  All I can think of is “Zoinks!” – but that’s Scooby Doo era, so maybe I am not as hip with the scene as I thought.

However, my grammar fails me not, and saying “we all about higher education up in here” somehow suggests to me that you are not in fact “all about higher education”.  But us cool kids don’t care about talkin’ right, does we??

Maybe it’s just me, but I am still really curious to hear about what amenities this place has!

“We got carpet up in this hoe too. They wanted to come put in hard wood floors. But I was like F**K THAT. I don’t want my feet to be cold when I get out of bed at night. Carpet. So soft. Transcends the walking barefoot experience.”

Dude, I love carpet!  The day my parents made me move to a new house where my bedroom didn’t have carpet was one of the worst days of my life! 

I can’t help but notice, though, that he should have used the correct spelling of “ho” as opposed to “hoe,” which belongs in my garden.  No worries though, I am sure there is something to make up for this small mistake…

“AWWW S**T! YOUR OWN PRIVATE BATHROOM!!!! WTF!?!?!? YUH! You can shower and take a s**t w/o anyone being up in your business!!! I’m not bullsh**tin either… I’m talking HOT WATER IN THE SHOWER.”

WHAT??  HOT WATER??  I would NEVER expect that at an apartment I am paying $500 a month for…

Does this guy really think that just cause I’m young this “amenity” is going to win me over?  Really?  Really??

Well, you know what, at least I have been fully entertained by reading this post.  And the author even posted a picture!!!  I’m sure he isn’t a creeper at all…

Yeah… Not a creeper AT ALL.

Is your attempt to attract Gen Y residents creeping people out instead of getting leases signed?  Share with us at!


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