Do Your Doody – Clean It Up!

If there is something on the ground to be stepped in, I will probably end up stepping in it.  And this is not a recent development.  I have terrible memories of getting a sewing needle stuck in my foot from walking into my grandmother’s sewing room as a child. 

My anger from this problem eventually bubbled up in ninth grade when I was in the mall going to see a movie with some friends and stepped in a piece of gum.  I started ranting about the rude people in the world who spit out gum on the floor in the middle of a shopping mall, literally 5 feet away from a garbage can.  About a minute later my best friend admitted she was the culprit.  Seriously.

But I think we all can agree that the worst thing to accidentally step in is dog doo doo.  I mean, you’re walking innocently through a park and all of a sudden you smell something awful drifting around you.  So you look around for the source of the smell, casually sniff your armpits trying to remember if you put deodorant on, but it isn’t until you get home and see shoe prints of dog crap tracked on your rug that you realize what happened.  You don’t even get the chance to yell at the dog’s owner about carrying around a plastic bag and picking up after the dog does its business!

So today, instead of criticizing homemade flyers made by apartment communities, we are going to bask in the genius of this particular warning to residents:


As someone who can’t seem to get through the day without stepping in something gross, I commend the creator of this sign and slogan.

And as someone who has never been good at drawing dogs, I would like to honor this artist.

Now, in the case that this slightly graphic poster might offend residents, the apartment manager of this community turned to BWACM to create a slightly more professional version.  But this sign is now immortalized in our blog.  And that might be one less pile of dog poo that ends up on the bottom of my shoes.

Is your apartment community leaving behind unsightly messes?  Share with us at!


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