Apartment Security Current Threat Level: Orange

What do hooligans hanging out in the stairwell and Homeland Security have in common?

Actually, I’m still not sure.

In this skillfully written note from building management, they go from berating people who have been using the stairwell as their latest hangout to threatening to call Homeland Security over some deeply carved writings in the 2nd floor hallway table.  It really speaks for itself, so put on your reading glasses and check this out:

I only wish I knew what was written in the table, cause threatening to call Homeland Security?  That is what I call a topnotch scare tactic.  Maybe it’s time to screen your residents a little more closely before they sign a lease… 

Of course, if your residents’ actions require calling HS, why exactly do you anticipate their cooperation?

Is your apartment manager going to new lengths to keep residents in line?  Share with us at blog@beyondwineandcheese.com!


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