Can We Trust Her? She Doesn’t Actually Listen to Jay-Z

When I think of partying, patriotism, and feeling awkward in LA, who comes to mind?  Why, Miley Cyrus of course!  She’s one of the most popular actresses and singers among pre-teens, and until her little performance on the Teen Choice Awards, mothers loved her as a role model for their daughters.  So as an apartment manager, who wouldn’t want to use Miley to rent out some units??

I mean, when you think about it, you’re really appealing to multiple demographics at once with this ad, including, but not limited, to 13 year olds, people who really love partying in the USA, and the graphic-design challenged (Miley’s lookin a little stretched out there, eh?). 

And clearly parents will be making their young daughters search for apartments, so I really think they hit the nail on the head with this ad.  Anywhere that’s good enough for Miley to party is good enough for me to live.

Is your apartment community getting the wrong celebrity endorsements?  Share with us at!


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