Actually, Size Does Matter

Things that come in small packages are just cuter than the original size.  For example, babies.  This can make any sane person start substituting R’s and L’s with W’s:

Hewo you cute wittle baby! Wet’s be fweinds!

I mean, you would never stop an adult who was walking down the street to pinch his/her cheeks and start ooooing and aaaahing over him/her.  (At least I hope you wouldn’t…)

And I never considered soda cans or water bottles cute until I saw these:

So maybe there’s something to this concept: make everything smaller so people think it’s cuter.  Let’s say I wanted to post information about an available apartment in my community.  I wonder if people would automatically be interested if I…

(Actual size of pictures in Craigslist ad)

…made all the pictures of the apartment small – and then surrounded them with a colorful gradient!  Hmmm.  Well, I suppose that works – you know, aside from giving people the impression that I don’t actually want them to know what the apartment looks like cause if they do they won’t even consider leasing it.  Ok, well what if I…

(Actual size of floor plan in Craigslist ad)

…shrunk the floor plan down to this itsy-bitsy, adorable little size!  Are we getting the cheek-squeezin kind of feelings I was hoping for people??  No..?  More like high levels of irritation since you can’t actually tell where rooms are located in the apartment or get a sense of how big it actually is?  I’m starting to think that making things small isn’t going to help anyone in the apartment industry.  Especially when it comes to the actual size of the apartments.  Maybe that’s why this apartment manager is advertising a small apartment as…

…”cozy.”  I guess sometimes it’s true: bigger is better.

Have you been unsatisfied with your apartment size?  Share with us at!


2 Responses to “Actually, Size Does Matter”

  1. 1 Jonathan Saar December 1, 2009 at 6:20 pm

    Thanks for the post. Education on using Craig’s List in the most productive way is a hot topic. I appreciate your take on this and providing illustrative examples to help support your point.

    • 2 beyondwineandcheese December 2, 2009 at 7:48 am

      Thanks for the comment, Jonathan. There is so much information out there now from so many smart people on how to use criagslist effectively, so it’s a bit surprising to come across so many ineffective posts. Hopefully by putting a different spin on the topic, more people who are actually posting will start to take notice.

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