Status Update: Don’t Mess With This Manager

Facebook is a great tool.  As a college student, it’s been a way to keep all of my “friends” updated on my day-to-day activities and get as many tagged photos of me as possible.  However, as I’ve started working with companies who use social media, I have learned that there is a whole other professional world to Facebook.  But being successful as a company or professional on Facebook is really an art.

I recently worked on a presentation on how to successfully use Facebook for apartment managers (if you are interested in seeing the takeaways, check this out), and quickly learned what works and what doesn’t.  The key to creating a successful Facebook page or profile is to treat it as an online community, not an online business.  For example, most of your “friends” or “fans” will already be your residents, so they don’t care that you have a 2 bedroom apartment available with the first month’s rent free.  In fact, that might just lead to a lot of, “Hey! Why didn’t I get a free month of rent??”

On the other end of the spectrum, it is also not a place to harass your residents.  Say Apartment 3B has yet to turn in this month’s rent, and you’re tired of being avoided.  Public humiliation is NOT the answer.  Do not post pictures on Facebook asking for the rent:

It is also not a good idea to convey your message through repeated status updates.  I’d get real sick of seeing this in my News Feed:

And last, but not least, when I go to look at your information to find out more about you, it is not the place for anger or a passive aggressive rant.  Don’t you think this is taking it just a little too far?

Although I have to admit, if I were Kat, I would never miss a payment again…

Has your apartment community not learned how to utilize Facebook properly?  Send us an example at!


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