Didn’t Your Mother Ever Tell You…?

I’ll admit it, I’m a little bit messy.  Especially when my roommate leaves town for the weekend, there is a good chance the dishes won’t get done and all of my beauty supplies will be out on the bathroom counter until I know she is about to come home.  Of course, if visitors are coming over (unless they are really close to me), I always make sure to pick up.  I mean, I gotta keep up appearances.  This probably comes from growing up with a mother who always insisted that the bathroom get scrubbed down and my bed be made before friends came to visit.  Even if they couldn’t care less what the state of our house was because, regardless, it would be cleaner than their own.

But I now have a better understanding of why my mom always made me do this, and am embarrassed if people see my apartment in a state that is less than perfect.  I feel like a messy apartment is a bad reflection on what is happening in my personal life.  And apparently I’m not the only one.  While poking around on Craigslist for some inspiration for today’s blog post (it never fails me!), I found a message from an apartment dweller to some girls who came to preview his apartment.

Now, it might be easy for one to be less than concerned about what some people-who-you’ll-probably- never-see-again think when they walk into your apartment, but what happens when it’s a group of cute girls?  Well, this guy was apparently rather embarrassed and felt the need to explain himself…

“The bedroom – Well, I haven’t cleaned in weeks and I’m at the tail end of the laundry cycle. This is usually accompanied by a rather large and unkempt pile of clothes spilling out of the closet onto the floor. This Friday was no exception.”

“The bathroom – I am sorta glad that the power was still out for that portion of the tour. The flashlight you had certainly did not provide enough light to get a full realization of JUST how much dirt was crusted in the corner behind the door. It just doesn’t get foot traffic, and normally the door is open and it’s hidden from view.”

“The videogames – Well. I play a lot of videogames. But I do a lot of other things too, I swear!”

“Anyways, you seemed cool and I feel that it’s totally unfair that you got to root through the kinda things (bathroom, sleeping area, embarrassing hobbies) that usually don’t crop up until the second or third date. That being the case, I think you desperately owe some reciprocation!”

Awww.  Isn’t that cute?  He apparently thinks this was a first date, and not an apartment preview!  So, rather than apologizing, he feels like SHE owes HIM something.  My guess is that this guy doesn’t have much experience with women.  If by some miracle she agreed to go out with you, dude, good luck getting her back to your place.

Let this be a warning to us all that cleaning up before showing off your apartment to prospective renters may be the best form of marketing – for both your apartment and yourself!

Have you visited an apartment that looks like it’s never seen Windex or a Swiffer?  Let us know about it at blog@beyondwineandcheese.com!


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