In America, We Deep Fry

I am currently looking forward to Thanksgiving solely for the 5 day weekend and mashed potato overload.  I know I should say that I’m excited for time with family (but I’m not going home), or that I’m looking forward to reflecting on all the things I’m thankful for (maybe that will happen once I have a minute to breathe), but I like to be real with all of you here.  Plus, I can pretty much guarantee that you all are thinking the same thing – possibly substituting the mashed potato overload with turkey or pumpkin pie.

Basically, my point is that food is on the brain as we approach Thanksgiving, and I know many apartment communities are planning group dinners for those who either don’t want to see their families or just don’t want to do all the cooking by themselves.  This is a great idea, but I’m afraid of what might ensue when a group of young apartment dwellers get together to prepare a Thanksgiving meal – particularly in relation to the turkey. 

I’m sure all of you are aware of one of the more recent trends for creatively preparing a turkey.  Yes, I am speaking of the deep-fried turkey.  My initial disgust at this weaned once I saw Martha Stewart prepare a deep-friend turkey (I mean, if Martha does it, it can’t be wrong), but I still don’t think I would ever have the courage to actually cook a turkey this way myself.  Why, you ask?  

Reason 1:

deep fried turkey fire

Reason 2:


Reason 3:

deep fried turkey fire 2

Maybe it’s because I would like to eat my turkey on Thanksgiving without a visit from my local firefighters.  With my eyebrows and house still intact.  So unless you are braver than I am, apartment managers, stick to cooking the turkey in your oven!  Or at least heed the advice of this guy:

eat ham

Does your apartment community have a less-than-stellar Thanksgiving celebration planned?  Let us know at!


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