My Muse Wears Tattoos

Inspiration can be hard to come by.  When I was an art student in high school, I was never one to come up with cool ideas for projects in my head and execute them well.  Drawing from photographs was more my thing.  Creative writing was also a challenge, which is probably why my path in life has led me to business.  The marketing world still requires a level of creativity, though, and finding inspiration can be hard to come by.  For those who are not marketing specialists, I can imagine coming up with ideas for promotion could be quite a challenge.  In the case of apartment managers, there are a number of sources they can turn to for new ideas to attract, retain, and renew residents, but as we saw in yesterday’s post, those sources aren’t always going to lead you down the right path.

Of course, this goes beyond poorly-created flyers.  I wasn’t completely sure how to react when I came across a website encouraging companies to use promotional temporary tattoos.  The site states that these customizable tattoos are “ideal” for apartment marketing, create word-of-mouth marketing, and allow exposure to your ideal target market.  Hmmm.  That really makes me wonder who they think is an “ideal target market” for apartment managers who are trying to attract prospects.  The website claims that “the tattoo wearer’s friends and associates are similar in demographics and taste”.  But when I think of the type of person who is going to wear a temporary tattoo, this is what comes to mind:

Temporary Tattoos

I mean, the kid is cute and all, but I feel like his friends who are “similar in demographics and taste” are not the people who are going to be leasing apartments anytime soon.  Besides the fact that anyone this age would rather put on a Spiderman or Barbie tattoo than a logo for an apartment building.  Furthermore, I doubt that any adult who agrees to put one on will go showing it off to his or her associates.  So remember: be careful where you are getting your inspiration from for marketing ideas.  Otherwise, you may end up with a child whose face is smeared with chocolate ice cream as your “spokesperson.”

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