Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post about the ridiculous demands that are put on apartment managers, and how we can’t expect them to be marketing gurus on top of everything else they have to do.  That’s why companies are popping up left and right to provide managers with pre-made flyers and other marketing materials for their use.

Now, if I were an apartment manager, I would pretty much expect that what I was buying from these companies would be top-notch.  I mean, they’re supposed to be the experts, right?  They probably hire graphic designers and know exactly what is going to grab the attention of residents and prospects.  My faith would be blind, and in a moment of need I would turn to one of these companies for help.  Let’s say I needed a brochure to give to prospective residents:


Wait, really?  They expect me to pay for this?  Maybe I have too much faith in the design abilities of mankind, but I’m pretty sure anyone could design a better brochure on their own using Microsoft Publisher.  (Not that I am recommending you all go out and use Publisher; however, the Adobe Create Suite is well worth the investment.)  Can we talk about the awful background gradient, please?  I feel like I just jumped into a bad Thomas Kinkade painting.  And the feathering around the property picture is not helping.  More importantly, I’d really love to know who decided to fill in the lettering on the first panel with that awful olive-green color.  If you insist on keeping the pastel rainbow gradient, at least pick a color that will match!!!

Ok, obviously this must be a fluke.  The graphic designer was out sick that day and someone was desperate for a brochure.  I’m sure I can find something better than that.  Maybe a simple layout for a renewal letter I need to send out to residents:

Perfect Property Sign

They stretched the background picture.  They actually stretched the background picture.  Now, I can hardly call myself a graphic designer, but how hard is it to enlarge the picture proportionally and then crop it so it will fit???  I’m not even going to get started on the Lucida Calligraphy font.  It has a time and a place, but this letter is NOT it.

I’m officially giving this marketing service one more chance, cause I don’t know how much more of this I can take.  So, let’s say I want to send out some nice birthday cards to my residents.  I wonder what they have to offer…

Creepy Clown

(Crickets chirping…)

If I have to even waste my breath telling you everything that is wrong with this, we’ve got some major issues.  At least some companies know how to get it right

Is your apartment marketing service doing you a disservice?  Send us a picture to


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