Hi-Five FAIL

It seems as though sometimes the simplest things are the funniest.  This morning I was reading through the newspaper distributed by my college, and even though I have the highest respect for the all-student staff, I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at an article in which the author was clearly trying very hard to incorporate dry humor.  By the time he threw in a joke about “one less place for students to get mugged on campus,” I had just about had it – not only because that is a real danger for college students, but because it was SUCH an awkward side comment that just did not belong in the article.  This is why I turn to sources such as the FAIL Blog for laughs – they don’t have to try too hard.  When I saw a post from The Apartment Expert, Lisa Trosien (author of the Apartment Marketing Blog), on Facebook of an Apartment Fail, I decided it was time for us to take a step back and let FAIL Blog do all the work for today’s post.

epic fail pictures
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Now, it’s pretty obvious this was supposed to say “Free WI-FI Internet”, but every time I read it I can’t help thinking “Free HI-FIVE Internet.”  I figure the hi-five would be this apartment’s version of a Facebook Poke.  Well, at least it’s a sign that they can easily take down and replace.  I think the next fail might be a little bit harder to fix:

fail owned pwned pictures
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I mean, I’m all for truth in advertising, but don’t you want to give yourself a fighting chance when seeking out residents???

Finally, I would like to point out that this next fail perfectly illustrates my main message from Friday’s post:

fail owned pwned pictures
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It’s important to monitor ApartmentRatings.com!  I mean, even with an approval rating of 73%, if people are under the impression that the building burned to the ground, well GOOD LUCK.

Have you seen an apartment marketing fail recently?  Don’t just send it in to FAIL Blog, email a picture to blog@beyondwineandcheese.com!


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